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Cathedral of Junk Art gallery Austin TX


The Cathedral of Junk is an unrecognizable backyard sculpture that blends in with the neighborhood. The sculpture is made of improvised trusses from mass-produced cast-offs, including lawnmower wheels, car bumpers, bicycle parts, brick-a-brack, circuit boards, bottles, and unidentified junk. The resulting work of art is a marvel of recycling. Click the Following Page

The Cathedral of Junk is an improvised structure crafted from recycled, everyday items. Though it looks small from the outside, this Austin art gallery is enormous, with several levels, observation platforms, and an impressive “Throne Room” for viewing the art pieces. Visitors are welcome to view the art pieces for free, but a suggested donation is appreciated to help maintain the structure. If you are planning a special event or party, you can hire the entire cathedral.

The Cathedral of Junk is a sprawling, improvised sculpture in the backyard of an Austin, Texas, home. It’s composed of more than 60 tons of junk, most of it bikes and other items that have no other use. The artist began assembling the massive sculpture in his early 20s and collecting junk as a hobby. Over time, people began sending him unwanted goods. The result was a dazzling collection of art that is sure to turn heads wherever it goes.


The Austin Cathedral of Junk is a unique museum of man’s junk. It is a place where visitors can take their pick from more than 60 tons of junk that has accumulated in the local area over the years. Whether it’s old bicycles, appliances, hubcaps, televisions, or anything, you can find a unique treasure to enjoy at this art gallery. The Austin Cathedral of Junk is located in Vince Hannemann’s backyard. People have donated tons of junk to help Vince create this landmark.

This 60-ton structure made of metallic junk sits in the backyard of Vince Hannemann, a renowned artist in Austin. It is one of the few uncompromised pieces of the Keep Austin Weird culture. It features a variety of items, including bicycle parts, circuit boards, and lawnmower wheels. Discover More about Austin here. Other objects include plastic bottles, cables, and even bicycle parts. These discarded items have been preserved by vines and other vegetation. Adaptability is the theme of this art installation, and the Cathedral of Junk is truly a unique piece of Austin.

The Cathedral of Junk, an artistic installation in an Austin backyard, blends into its surroundings and inspires awe, bewilderment, and enlightenment among its visitors. Its unfinished, repurposed construction includes lawnmower wheels, car bumpers, kitchen utensils, ladders, circuit boards, bicycle parts, and unidentifiable junk. Visitors leave awestruck by its creative energy.