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Foundation Repair in Austin TexasHave you noticed that your windows or doors are hard to open or close? Do you have cracks in your ceilings or walls? Are your floors uneven with soft, ‘spongy’ spots? This most likely means foundation problems, even foundation repair. You need to take action today. The longer you wait, the bigger the repair bill could be.

All foundations move as the earth beneath them moves, especially as it expands or contracts in wet or dry weather. Over time, foundations settle, that is, they sink slightly into the ground.

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As the foundation settles, problems with the structure of the house are likely to happen and a foundation repair may be needed. The clay-based soil in central Texas expands in wet weather and contracts in dry weather. This can cause problems in your pier and beam foundation and your house. Possible problems include structural damage to the house that can become serious if left untreated.

Other foundation problems can occur because of water pooling under the house, especially around piers. Standing water can cause the soil under the house to shift causing a number of foundation problems. Continued exposure to water can cause piers to move, leading to structural damage to the house they support.

Despite their benefits, pier and beam foundations do require regular maintenance, occasional house leveling, and foundation repair.

If you have noticed the telltale signs of problems with the pier and beam foundation on your house, or if you suspect that you may have trouble that needs attention, please contact QFR – Get a foundation repair Austin area estimate today!

Austin’s pier and beam and house leveling experts! We have the solutions to your pier and beam foundation problems.

We offer foundation repair services to the following areas:

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