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Covert Park at Mount Bonnell

The hilltop park at Mount Bonnell is a 785-foot-tall park that offers spectacular views. There are 106 steps leading up to it. Taking the time to climb the steps is worth the views. This park also includes a picnic area. During the summer, you can enjoy a picnic and watch the sunset from the park. This park is located in Austin, TX 78731. See More Info

In 1939, the land at the top of Mount Bonnell was donated to the Travis County. In addition to providing an incredible view of the city, the park is also a popular spot for picnicking. The parking lot is free, and the park is open five days a week from 5am to 10pm. Before the park was created, it was home to Native American tribes. Today, visitors can enjoy the view of downtown Austin and the 360 Bridge from the summit.

The trail on Mount Bonnell leads to picnic tables and offers views of downtown Austin and the Texas Hill Country. The trail is rocky, but it is very stable. The path starts at the information kiosk at the summit, and continues on the north side to the edge of the parking lot. The trail is open from five a.m. to 10 p.m.

Austin’s Mount Bonnell is a popular destination for tourists and locals. At 775 feet high, this hilltop is one of the city’s highest points, and is a popular place for hikers and bikers alike. Despite the steep climb, Mount Bonnell is accessible to all types of visitors.

If you have never seen Austin from above, you should definitely check it out. It is the tallest point in the city and offers incredible vistas. The 360 bridge and Westbank houses are visible from the summit. This park is known for its long history, and is popular for hiking, biking, and family outings.

The historic Mount Bonnell trail was used by Native Americans to travel into and out of Austin. A woman named Mrs. Simpson lived on West Pecan street, three blocks west of Congress. Her children were abducted by Indians in the Shoal Creek valley, a rural area. A posse eventually chased them out.

A beautiful view of Lake Austin and the city skyline make this hilltop park one of Austin’s top attractions. From there, you can enjoy live music, a barbecue, or a delicious chicken-fried steak. The area is also home to the Contemporary Austin Art Museum at Laguna Gloria, which features a rotating exhibition of local and international artists. The park also includes a Betty and Edward Marcus Sculpture Park.

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