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How Much Does a Crawl Space Foundation Repair Cost

Does your foundation need repairing? Then, you’re probably asking yourself, “How much does a crawl space foundation repair cost?” Foundation repair can become quite costly; however, you can reduce these costs and the extent of repair work by contacting a professional and addressing the issue as soon as you become aware. Dealing with something as significant as your foundation can be stressful and overwhelming; however, with a reliable team on your side and an indication of how much to budget for, you can address these problems quickly. Let’s look at the factors affecting foundation repair costs and what you can expect to pay depending on your problems.

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What Is a Crawl Space Foundation?

A crawl space foundation is formed by pouring concrete groundwork and framing walls around it to create a raised platform off the ground. This often creates a storage or utility area beneath your house. Then, to increase energy efficiency and safeguard the structures in the crawl space from structural damage, the crawl space can be insulated and enclosed.

There are also other foundations, such as basement and slab foundations.

What Is the Purpose of a Crawl Space Foundation?

The main functions of a crawl space are to improve airflow within the house and to provide easy access for maintaining and installing plumbing, electrical, heating, and cooling systems. In addition to adding extra storage space, a crawl space raises a home to keep termites away.

When Do You Need to Repair Your Crawl Space Foundation?

Various circumstances can result in foundation damage. Based on the cause of the problem, a wide range of foundation repairs may be required. One of the most common issues is when your house sinks or settles. You’ll typically experience this when the foundation can no longer support the weight of your property. If your house is settling or sinking, the foundation will start to crack as it shifts to different levels. This also causes damage to any surrounding supports, which will need to be replaced or shored up. If the foundation, for instance, is structurally sound but has a few cracks, the repairs will probably range from $250 – $800.

However, foundation damage can also result from a poor drainage system that allows moisture and rainwater to seep into your house’s foundation. Plumbing issues, such as leaks, can also cause moisture damage. Basement waterproofing ranges from $2,300 to $7,575, depending on the leak’s severity or frequency.

Soil drainage is the usual culprit for foundations that are sinking and settling, and also have to be repaired to stop the problem from happening again. Drainage system installation costs tend to range from $2,800 to $6,500. Bowing basement walls is another sign that a foundation is being affected by poor soil drainage. In these cases, prices typically range from $4,000 to $12,000. You must make soil changes and reinforce the walls under these circumstances. Older homes frequently experience foundation erosion and collapse, especially with water damage.

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Reinforcement of collapsing foundations might cost anywhere from $500 to $20,000, based on the extent of the damage. Doing gutter repairs to stop further water damage to the property can also be important.

Early detection of foundation problems increases the likelihood that only modest repairs will be required, keeping expenses in check. The longer you wait to fix the issue, the worse and more expensive it will get because foundation degradation can compromise the entire house’s structural stability. Not only would the foundation require extensive structural repairs, but it would also be expensive to fix any plumbing, walls, or floors. The total degree of foundation damage isn’t often apparent at first sight, but a professional can help evaluate the problem holistically and give you knowledgeable solutions with an accurate cost.

How Much Crawl Space Foundation Repairs Cost

Crawl space foundation repair costs can be pretty high; however, they will only get higher the longer you put off the project. Therefore, to ensure the problem doesn’t worsen, you must attend to any crawl space foundation problems as soon as you notice them.

On average, you can expect to pay between $2,000 and $7,000 for foundation repairs. Remember that this price will differ depending on numerous factors and your specific circumstances. Generally, these costs range from $1,500 to $15,000 or more. The extent of damage and type of service required often play a crucial role in determining your overall cost.

If you need to repair damaged supports or beams, the average cost is usually between $1,000 and $3,000. However, if you need mud jacking to re-level your property, you could expect to pay around $500 to $1,500.

Therefore, if you want an accurate quote, it’s best to get a foundation repair contractor to assess and evaluate the situation.

Average Costs for Crawl Space Foundation Repair

  • Crack repair – $250 – $800 per crack
  • Pier and beam foundation repair – $1,000 – $2,000 per pier
  • Stabilizing foundation walls – $5,000 – $10,000
  • Mud jacking costs – $2,000 – $6,000

Factors to Consider When Calculating Foundation Repair Cost

As mentioned above, the cost of foundation repair differs depending on several factors, such as:

  • Materials needed
  • Labor required
  • Permits
  • Cause of damage
  • The severity and type of repair required
  • Home size
  • Foundation type
  • Soil stability
  • Accessibility of the damaged area

Common Foundation Repair Methods

The cost of your foundation repair will differ depending on the kind of foundation damage repair technique chosen. Foundation repair companies also tend to use different techniques.

The following are some of the most common repair techniques used in foundation repair services:

Foundation Jacking

This process, which generally costs between $600 and $1,600, is sometimes called mudjacking, house leveling, or slabjacking. The technique involves pumping a grout mixture under the concrete foundation to float it back into its proper place. While less expensive than other methods and requiring less equipment and excavation, this procedure is not a long-term solution if the structure or soil continues to settle. You should contact a foundation repair expert to see if this fix will hold for your property.

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Basement Underpinning or Piering

The price to pierce a basement ranges from $1,000 to $3,000. To use this technique, excavation, foundation raising, and hydraulic pier installation are required. Even if the property keeps settling and the soil keeps shifting, this approach offers a long-lasting fix for foundation issues when done by a professional. The procedure, also known as underpinning, involves installing piers beneath the house to lift and support the foundation. Your foundation will be excavated, hydraulic piers installed at various locations beneath the concrete foundation, and raised to the proper position to stabilize it.

Foundation Sealing

Costs for this type of foundation repair can range from $2,300 to $7,300. Sealing is a waterproofing solution for drainage and moisture issues. Ask your foundation repair specialist what will work best for your property because not every home with a moisture problem needs a complete waterproofing system. An inspection from a structural engineer will help determine the extent of repairs needed.

Foundation Stabilization

This operation can cost anywhere from $4,000 to $12,000 in total. A specialist can support the walls using either carbon fiber or steel for this type of restoration. Steel is used for significant shifts, while carbon fiber is an excellent option if there is only little wall bowing. The more expensive choice is steel, but if the damage is significant, protecting the house and supporting the foundation might be worth it. A qualified foundation repair contractor will be able to determine the best materials to use.

Foundation Leveling

A foundation may require leveling for various reasons, including shifting soil, excessive dampness, or natural settling. The foundation is typically filled with slab or mud jacking, raising it back to the right height. Leveling a foundation typically costs between $3 and $25 per square foot.

Foundation Reinforcement

A foundation repair specialist could advise reinforcing if the foundation isn’t sinking but exhibiting slight indicators of instability. During this process, a portion of the home is reinforced, along with any necessary repairs, such as securing bowing walls. Repairs typically cost between $700 and $5,000 per section.

foundation reinforcement

Foundation Waterproofing

A foundation must be waterproofed to prevent water damage. Waterproofing typically ranges from $2,300 to $7,300. The foundation may require sealing, but if there is a serious, existing moisture issue, more sophisticated methods and drainage systems might be required, pushing expenses to the higher end of that spectrum.

Final Thoughts

A foundation repair project may seem costly and overwhelming. However, it’s crucial to tend to the issue immediately to ensure it doesn’t worsen over time. Failure to take action can result in broader foundation cracks, uneven floors, deteriorating support beams, increased mold growth, and more, which might necessitate a full-blown replacement.

Taking care of your foundation repair as soon as possible will save time, money, stress, and your home’s foundation. Always contact a reliable and professional company for crawl space repair, so you have peace of mind that the job is done properly.


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