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Ellsworth Kelly’s Austin

The city of Austin is home to many buildings designed by Ellsworth Kelly. The Blanton Museum, for example, is a masterpiece designed by the American architect. The architecture of the Blanton Museum reflects the eclectic spirit of Austin and is a great example of the cosmopolitan feel of the city. It is located at 200 E Martin Luther King Jr Blvd, Austin, TX 78712.

The Austin Chapel, designed by Bill Kelly, features fourteen abstract marble panels that depict the Stations of the Cross. It also includes an 18-foot-tall redwood sculpture in the apse. Kelly’s work is known for its reverence for colour. His minimal canvases revel in the endlessness of colour and shape.

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The building is a progressive beacon in a conservative state. Once the music capital of the Southwest, Austin has evolved into a thriving tech center. With the presence of Ellsworth Kelly, the city has become an important cultural destination. The building will continue to be open until November 2022, with special events planned to celebrate the museum’s fifth anniversary and the artist’s 100th birthday.

The Blanton Museum of Art’s Ellsworth Kelly’s Austin exhibit is closing this September due to a mold outbreak. The exterior of the building is lined with limestone, and rainwater has caused black streaks of mold to develop. An architectural conservator is working with the Blanton to remove the mold safely, and a water-resistant coating will be applied to it. The museum hopes to reopen the building in the near future, but in the meantime, the museum will have to close the museum until the mold is removed.

The Blanton Museum of Art recently acquired a building designed by Kelly. The building is a permanent exhibition space, and features works by Kelly. The Blanton is located on the University of Texas at Austin’s campus. Its exterior is reminiscent of a Romanesque church. The Blanton Museum of Art raised $23 million for the project. The Blanton Museum has set aside $4 million for conservation.


The Blanton Museum of Art was able to complete the building in January 2015, just a few months before the artist passed away. The Blanton received the design concept of the Austin before the architect passed away. The resulting building is a 2,715-square-foot structure decorated with 14 black-and-white marble panels. It will become the centerpiece of the museum’s permanent collection.