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Harry Ransom Center

The Harry Ransom Center is a museum, archive, and library that specializes in the collection of cultural and literary artifacts from Europe and America. Its mission is to foster the arts and humanities by preserving and presenting these materials. You can view a variety of exhibits at the Harry Ransom Center, including manuscripts and photographs. It is located in The University of Texas at Austin, 300 W 21st St, Austin, TX 78712.

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The Ransom Center’s design incorporates two plazas enclosed with glass etched with images from the museum’s collections. The first two stories are open to abundant Texas light, and the architecture reflects the two-fold vision of the organization: providing spaces worthy of the Ransom Center’s collections, while making them accessible to the growing public.

The Ransom Center’s collection includes manuscripts by many writers, including D.H. Lawrence, Evelyn Waugh, and Anne Sexton. It also contains one of the 48 Gutenberg Bibles and works by Arthur Miller and Penelope Fitzgerald. The collection also includes an extensive collection of photography and theater materials.

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The museum is a great place to learn about Texas history. The newly renovated Texas History Gallery features several exhibits that explore the growth of the state. A recent exhibit, Becoming Texas, examines early American Indian civilizations as well as European colonization efforts. It also examines global politics that shaped Texas’ growth. The museum also has several art galleries where you can view European paintings and photography.

The Harry Ransom Center welcomes international students, as long as they are doctoral candidates engaged in dissertation research. Foreign nationals are also eligible to apply for a fellowship. Those who have received one before can reapply after two years. There are also special programs for children. If you have kids, they will probably love the Nature Center’s educational programs.