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Museum of the Weird Austin TX


Located in the heart of Austin, Texas, the Museum of the Weird offers a unique experience for those who love oddities. Its collection of oddities includes an eclectic array of artifacts, including the Cathedral of Junk, Feejee mermaids, and a giant octopus. The Museum also features an interesting gift shop filled with unique items.

The Carousel Lounge is the epitome of Austin’s weirdness. It was first opened in 1963 and was a homage to the legendary Carousel Bar & Lounge in New Orleans. Besides the circus mural, the Carousel Lounge is home to booth-side jukeboxes, a pinball machine, and a circus scene mural. You can enjoy a drink, a bite, or a show at this dingy Austin nightclub.

The Cathedral of Junk at the Museum of the Weird is a colorful clubhouse built in 1988 by the property owner, Vince Hannemann. Once a three-story tower, this structure has been deconstructed and rebuilt with new materials to create three more rooms. Read This Page. Inside, you’ll find various objects and artifacts that are no longer in use. Visitors can explore the cathedral’s hidden room, throne room, and altar.

The Museum of the Weird Austin Tx motto is “Keep Austin Weird.” This is especially true if you’re looking for a unique and entertaining museum to spend an evening in. The many oddities at this museum are feejee mermaids, shrunken heads, a mysterious Minnesota Iceman, and sideshow performances. Guests are encouraged to spend at least eight hours at the museum so that they have more time for playing and enjoying themselves.


The Museum of the Weird Austin Tx Mayfield Park and Nature Reserve is a 21-acre natural area with ponds, peacocks, and gardens. It’s free to enter, and you can also enjoy the picnic area and water fountains at the park’s entrance and near the ponds. Although dogs are not permitted, they are welcome to picnic on the stone walls. The park is home to peacocks fed by volunteers every day, and you may even spy a tiny turtle in the ponds.

Visitors to the Museum of the Weird in Austin, Texas, are treated to an array of strange and interesting objects. The exhibits range from the unusual to the downright bizarre. And there’s a gift shop, too. Check this out. There’s even a creepy little clown! But don’t be discouraged. You’ll probably want to return someday to see more of the museum’s oddities.

COVID-19 has reached Stage 5 in the Austin area, meaning that the public health department has reviewed the Museum of the Weird protocol. Some guidelines include wearing a mask and not going to gatherings or public areas where there are many unvaccinated individuals. Additionally, the Thinkery children’s museum now requires masks for visitors over 24 months of age. General admission sessions have been reduced to 25 percent of the usual capacity.