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Slab Foundation RepairIn order to protect the value and structural integrity of your home, it’s important to maintain a healthy and solid foundation.  At Quality Foundation Repair, we pride ourselves on offering high quality foundation repair Austin homeowners can count on.

Does My Home Have a Slab Foundation?

Most houses in the Central Texas area are built on one of two types of foundations: slab or pier and beam. A home with a slab foundation features concrete poured over a reinforcing rebar frame. Most homes built after the 1960’s will have a concrete slab foundation.

Homes with a slab foundation will sit lower to ground and will not have a “crawl space” under the house.

Common Slab Foundation Issues

  • Drainage: During construction, drainage may not have been fully considered
  • Plumbing: Because slab foundation houses do not offer a crawl space and easy access to pipes, plumbing issues can quickly become foundation issues.
  • Landscaping: Tree roots can take moisture away from the foundation causing settling issues or large tree roots may actually interfere with the foundation itself.
  • Soil Issues: Expanding and contracting soil can place stress on your home’s foundation.

It’s important to have your home’s foundation inspected regularly, especially if you notice any of the common warning signs of foundation issues. If you have difficulty opening doors or windows, notice soft spots in the floor, see cracks in walls or the ceilings, then it is vital that you have your home’s foundation inspected for issues right away.

Your home’s foundation needs to be healthy in order to ensure that your home lasts for years to come. Issues with a slab foundation need to be repaired quickly in order to avoid costly additional repairs. Call the team at Quality Foundation Repair and let us help you ensure that your home’s slab foundation is healthy and strong.

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