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If you were flying somewhere, would you rather be in coach or first class? My guess is first class, at least that’s where I’d like to be, more leg room, not to mention those warm cloths they give you to clean your hands before serving the warm mixed nuts, and, of course, the free champagne. We all prefer first-class flying, first class service, first class jobs of any kind. First class is what you get with Quality Foundation Repair.

Quality Foundation Repair is in the top 5% of all contractors in the United States. We received Angie’s List Super Service Award for 2012.

In order to receive Angie’s List Super Service Award, you must first and foremost be pleasing your customers. We are, above all, customer oriented. From day one, we are listening to our clients, listening rather than talking. We want to hear what their concerns are, what their fears are, what their worries are. After all, we are dealing with their most valuable, expensive possession. They want to know that we are going to handle it with care and respect.

As a consumer, have you ever dealt with a provider who won’t return your phone calls, who doesn’t stay on top of things, who sends workers that he
doesn’t supervise, workers who sleep on the job, smoke on the job, workers who don’t clean up? Well, we all probably have, at one time or another. You will never
have to worry about any of that with Quality Foundation Repair.

I am the owner, and I’m always closely monitoring the progress and any problems that may arise on a job so I can consult with the home owner. I answer their questions honestly. I don’t put them off. Our number one priority is customer satisfaction. Often we complete more repairs than originally quoted at no extra charge to the owner. If if needs to be fixed we do it! That is why we received Angie’s List Super Service Award for the year 2012. We will continue to be at the top of the list in the future because we will always put our customers at the top of our list.

Call us anytime to get the best service you or your home have ever had.

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