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Wood in the Ground
Wood in the Ground

A common problem we see in homes is when there is wood to ground contact. Some older pier and beam homes used pieces of wood wedged into the ground, primarily to keep a single floor joist from moving too much. This wood touching the ground will soon rot and decay. Some newer pier and beam homes, that don’t have a concrete perimeter beam, may use Hardy Board or tin skirting. If wood skirting is used, the wood almost always touches the ground. In many cases the wood siding of the skirt rests higher than the ground, but the wood stakes into which the wood siding has been nailed, are sunk into the ground. This wood to ground contact will not only cause rot and decay, but will attract termites. The solution is to use non-wood materials that are approved for ground contact. Steel and a concrete style skirting is a great way to go.

If you are concerned about wood in the ground around your foundation, call Quality Foundation Repair for advice and a free estimate regarding your pier and beam. They will save you many headaches and money as well.

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